The importance of personal data for the digital economy accentuates a problematic information asymmetry between consumers and the data-driven market players. An increased consumer protection would have to deal with the lack of transparency of this black-box setup and a flawed use of consent as regulatory model. The consumer protection needs to be

The rapid development of the Internet of Things - or IoT - affects the protection of privacy in profound ways. Eduardo Magrani argues in favour of a shift from privacy protection to the idea a “right to non-tracking”.

Data retention

Data retention: flogging a dead horse

02 Mar 2017

The German Federal Government is holding on to the German national law on data retention passed in 2015. In this op-ed, Volker Tripp of Digitale Gesellschaft argues that this attitude is untenable.

Data collection

Speculative data selfies

01 Mar 2017

Fernando N. van der Vlist and Anne Helmond discuss Data Selfie, an open source browser extension that collects and analyses data about your behaviour on

There is an increase in the Orwellian nature of schemes and programmes being launched in India, in spite of the absence of concrete privacy and data protection laws. While a major step towards mass surveillance was taken a few years ago in the form of “Aadhaar”, the central and state governments have subsequently adopted schemes which involve

After the global euphoria about the internet's potentials for empowering individuals and supporting democracy, more realistic arguments have been put forward against this optimism. 1 Indeed, we have been observing an ongoing fight between the autocratic government in Turkey and the Turkish people over using the internet for the last 10 years. It